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Jane Y. Wilson, Author and Storyteller

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Jane Y. Wilson's Appalachian cookbook, Mountain Born & Fed, gives stories about the people who gave her the recipies as well as good instructions for cooking. Her Jane Tales bring you face to face with characters and events unique to the Appalachians.

Jane's territory, the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee

Appalachian mountains, hollows, hard times and good food combine in Jane's world to keep an agile person hopping. Come on and explore a world rich in emotions and textures as well as southern mountain cooking.

Jane's Appalachian cookbook and Jane Tales make you laugh, cry and sigh.
---Maggie Bishop, author

Tony Wilson's bees

The history of Watauga County in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina is explored through drawings by local school children in Jane Y. Wilson's award winning MeeMa's Memory Quilt.

Jane Y. Wilson, Author and Storyteller
Mountain Born & Fed, an Appalachian Cookbook
Jane Tales, Appalachian stories
MeeMa's Memory Quilt, local history